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Road Safety Imagined

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We operate on a consulting and implementing agency basis in the development, and facilitation of road safety strategies. We also engage on the road safety data analytic for purposes of informing the public and make sense on published road safety statistics.




Push for establishment of learning centres


Road safety learning centres are in the process of being established on selected provinces for pilot purposes and activities in the centres would include but not limited to the following;


• Exposition of career opportunities in the road safety fraternity and traffic logistics including those who want to become police officers.


• Assisting young people who aspire to obtain the learners and driver licenses during the tenure of their studies at the colleges and those who have not made it to tertiary institutions post matriculation.


• Assist those who are already involved in the driver education to obtain formal and legal qualification as driver instructors.


• Advance activities that seeks to educate members of the communities on the prudent road usage, reduce calamities on our national road networks that result in one way or the other to permanent injuries and disabilities which are avoidable.


SA Global player


South Africa is a signatory on The United Nations General Assembly and endorses its objectives that it has set upon for itself as the goal for the decade: “to stabilize and then reduce the forecast level of road traffic fatalities around the world” by 2020.


Road Safety education


Notwithstanding the primary responsibility of the government to drive the road safety education programmes in the country, citizens still remain obligated in taking responsibility of their safety.


To this end, as responsible citizens, we are taking the initiative to set up road safety learning programmes for purposes of empowering our communities and road users on critical matters of road safety, providing requisite life skills and highlight the career opportunities in the fields of road safety and transport logistics


Road Safety Programme


Our road safety education programme is underpinned by the following cardinal pillars.


1. Education

The primary purpose of the Road Safety Education Programme is to provide basic education and general knowledge on road safety to the communities and create a nucleus of road safety practitioners. Furthermore, to educate on the importance of prudent road usage by all in order to successfully eliminate the current scourge on our roads, injuries and permanent disabilities which are not necessarily unavoidable.


2. Further Education & Training (FET) Colleges

To engage schools, particularly FET Colleges whereby the vocational students are assisted in the learning of the learner’s and driving licenses. This is now a prerequisite for formal employment in South Africa, therefore students should be assisted in obtaining licenses during their learning tenure.


3. Driving Schools

Provide training to current driving school owners, driver instructors and prospective instructors in order to obtain formal instructor’s certificate and thus comply with the provisions of Regulation 250 of the Road Traffic Regulations, 1990 which provides that a person who wants to be a driving instructor must obtain the instructor’s certificate in order to legally do the following:-


a) Instruct any other person in the driving of a motor vehicle

b) Teach any other person the rules of the road or road traffic signs in order to obtain a learner’s or driver’s license.



4. Entrepreneurship

Highlight entrepreneurship and career opportunities in the transport and road safety industry to the younger generation. Accident reconstruction and forensic reporting would be seriously considered for student with a mathematical head.


5. Research

Provide ongoing research, looking at specific industries and bringing solutions to arrest wrong behaviour in those particular areas


Safety Learning CENTRE

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