Trustee Training

Our trustee training programme is geared towards assisting the newly appointed trustees who are to assume a legal and fiduciary responsibility towards the beneficiaries of the trust. The programme includes subject such as duties and responsibilities of a trustees, estate planning, wills, trusts, administration of deceased estate and applicable taxes.


Trustee Training PROGRAMMES


Training programme 1 (General Training)


Training programme 2 (Fiduciary Services)


Duties and Responsibilities of Trustees


Different Marital Regimes


Payment of Withdrawal Benefits


Unclaimed Benefits


Case studies & PFA Determinations


Unemployment Insurance Fund


Taxation of Withdrawal Benefits


Beneficiary Trust Fund



Financial Planning


Estate Planning


Wills / Testamentary




Administration of Deceased Estates


Tax on the Estates


Top Up Benefits


Life Insurance


Funeral cover


About us

Black Jury Law is an independent and experienced fiduciary services provider. The company was formed and legally registered with CIPC in 2016 as a private company.

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